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Reapply in July: OKCPS Volunteers

(Oklahoma City, OK) - As we continue to prepare for the 2021-2022 school year, OKCPS is excited to welcome our volunteers back to our campuses for in-person opportunities. We know our dedicated volunteers play a critical role in our schools and in the lives of our students. Even in a virtual environment last year, our families, community members and others who raised their hand to volunteer made a meaningful impact on students.

August 9th is the first day of school for OKCPS, and we look forward to connecting with both our new and existing volunteers as students transition back to a more traditional learning environment. Programs such as Reading Buddies, which helps to improve the reading skills of OKCPS students and inspires them to love reading and others, is set to resume, along with mentoring, beautification and both after school and athletic volunteer opportunities. 

“We are so excited to welcome our dedicated volunteers back into our classrooms to interact with students,” said Sara Lynn Sadorra, Community Relations Manager for OKCPS. “We have also launched a brand new OKCPS Community Relations website, which brings all of our community relations information to one place, including a link to complete volunteer applications. Additionally, we have a section where interested community partner organizations can apply and find more information. We look forward to coordinating impactful volunteer opportunities this coming year!”

The district requires all volunteers to renew their volunteer application and complete a background check each year, in compliance with the OKCPS Board of Education Volunteer Services Policy and OKCPS Board of Education Volunteer Services Regulations.