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11/09/2020: Middle School and High School Students and Parents

Dear Middle School and High School Students and Parents,

  Welcome to OKCPS e3 Online Learning!  We hope everyone is safe and warm and if you don't have power yet, we hope it is restored soon.  Last week’s ice storm left us with an unusual end to our first quarter. To ensure that our students have an opportunity to finish their assignments and to ensure our teachers have time to enter final grades, OKCPS will extend our first quarter grading cycle to Tuesday, November 10. Because of this extension we will also be delaying schedule changes for our middle school and high school e3 students to make sure they are able to take advantage of the extra time. This does not mean students that have opted into e3 Learning will return to face to face instruction.  The new e3 students will now begin their e3 placement on Monday 11-16-20.  Next week these students will continue to work in their traditional classwork remotely through Canvas.

     Starting Monday 11-16-20, new e3 students will access their classes through Canvas. You may already be familiar with how to access Canvas through Clever or going directly to Canvas.  If your child is K-5th grade, they will be using FLVS (Florida Virtual Global) in Canvas, and students in grades 6-12th will use Edgenuity through Canvas.  As this may be new territory, we ask that you please be patient with teachers and your children during this first year of implementation.


You should be looking for an email from your new e3 teacher.  This email will explain how to access their Canvas homepage and office hours.  It is your responsibility to begin looking for assignments in these classes starting on 11-16-20. If you have any questions about how this works, please contact your e3 teacher.


Please read the email from your new e3 teacher. This email will tell you how to contact your teacher if you have questions.  Explore our e3 online learning with your child. This will allow you the ability to stay up with your student’s assignments, and it allows you to see what the teacher is assigning, due dates, homework, reports, quizzes and tests.

Here are five things parents, guardians and/or caregivers can do to help their child be successful when learning online:

  1. Build a Schedule

Traditional school days provide students with a lot of structure—this is hard to replicate in an online learning environment. For some students, the flexibility of learning online is a natural fit. However, for other students, especially young learners, managing this increased autonomy is a challenge. Students participating in online learning need to build their own routines and effectively manage their time in order to stay on track. Having a well-thought-out, specific daily schedule is key, and parents can be a huge help not only in building such a plan but also in making sure that it is followed. 

  1. Model Hard Work and Persistence

Learning online from home removes many of the systems of accountability that students are used to in the traditional classroom—achieving the same level of success will likely take a higher level of intrinsic motivation and self-directed effort. Just like time management skills, this motivation comes more naturally for some students than for others. Regardless, acclimating to online learning, getting accustomed to self-pacing (working on a daily schedule), and working through the normal, productive struggles of learning more independently can be challenging. Parents and other caregivers can make a big difference simply by demonstrating the importance of these skills in the “real world” beyond school. 

  1. Set Up a Designated Workspace

The right workspace makes a huge difference in students’ mindset and ability to focus. When participating in online learning, students have the ability to complete their work where they want, so it’s important to put thought into what kind of environment is truly most effective for them and make sure that they have a designated space at home. 

  1. Get to Know the Online Learning Platform

E3 online learning means that students spend their school days immersed in an online program. For parents, taking the time to get familiar with what those platforms looks like, how your child is using them, and what resources are available are some of the best ways you can offer support.  Be sure to spend time on communication tools available to your child like built-in speech tools, online dashboards, inboxes and interactive classroom functionality. 

  1. Stay in Communication with Your Student’s Teachers

Just because students are learning online doesn’t mean they are learning independently! Teachers still play an absolutely critical role in e3 learning—and maintaining open, frequent communication is key to student success. Parents, guardians and other caregivers need to take part in this ongoing dialogue to make sure students stay on-pace and get the appropriate help when its needed. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school, or you can contact Kenny Ward, OKCPS Online Director by email at


Kenny Ward
Director of Online Learning