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OKCPS Board of Education Appoints District 7 Seat

Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) Board of Education appointed Meg McElhaney to represent District 7 which covers the district’s southeast side. Meg was appointed to serve the remainder of Jace Kirk’s term, which ends in February 2021. Meg McElhaney will take the oath of office at the regular board meeting on December 9, 2019.

McElhaney will serve the following schools: Bodine Elementary, Cesar Chavez Elementary, Hayes Elementary, Adelaide Lee Elementary, Southern Hills Elementary, Southeast Middle School, Webster Middle School, Capitol Hill High School and Southeast High School.

“Funding, teacher recruitment and equitable policy are a few of the biggest issues facing education right now. I plan to do a lot of listening to better understand the challenges and barriers that many people in my community are working to overcome,” said McElhaney.

When asked about the Pathway to Greatness, Meg said, “As a person who loves change, I am excited about it. This is an ambitious plan and there is never a ‘right time’ to make these kinds of changes. However, for us to keep up with all of the growth and opportunities that are coming to Oklahoma City, we need a school system that will equip our students to successfully enter the workforce and potentially lead the companies that we are quickly acquiring throughout our city.”

Meg McElhaney currently works as the VP of Project Management for Bridges Strategies and Digital Marketing. McElhaney is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and a product of public education in Oklahoma.

“OKC’s renaissance is bringing many young people back to the urban core, and Meg brings the voices of those families and many other southside constituents to the table as she joins the OKCPS Board of Education,” said OKCPS Board of Education Chair, Paula Lewis. “She is very active in her community and will be a strong voice for the families and students in District 7.”

Superintendent Sean McDaniel added, “I have only interacted with her a few times, but each time I have been impressed with her thoughtfulness. It is very obvious that she loves kids and has a desire to serve her community. Meg feels a deep obligation to prepare our school system for the next generation.”

Meg McElhaney ended her comments with excitement about joining this board and getting to work right away.