What is Infinite Campus?

    • Infinite Campus is a district-wide database that helps manage student information and records.
    • “Campus Portal” is the section of Infinite Campus for OKCPS staff and "Parent Portal" is geared toward parents and families.
    • The "Parent Portal" is a confidential and secure website that provides parents and guardians with access to student grades, attendance, schedules and more in real time.
    • Teachers will use the online gradebook available through Infinite Campus; this will facilitate the most effective and efficient use of the “Parent Portal”.

School Coaches

  • The role of the School Coach is to act as an advocate for the project at the local school building during the go-live phase of the project. School coaches are expected to participate in classroom training on the Infinite Campus product as defined in the district’s established learning plan.

    • May include the principal’s secretary, registrar, office staff, or other school designee
      (Principal or designee serves as 2nd Coach when site has only 1 office staff member)
    • Are well versed in their school’s data
    • Is a power user of the student information system
    • Assists the school’s staff with questions in the use of Infinite Campus
    • Escalates unresolved Campus issues to the district support contacts through ServicePro and notifies building staff with updates, fixes, corrections, etc.

    School site, department and other staff will receive training on how to update or view student records via Infinite Campus through the OKCPS-IT Department.

Teacher Coaches

  • Teacher Coaches (2 from each ES site and 3 from each MS/HS site)

    The role of the Teacher Coach is to act as an advocate for the project at the local school building during the go-live phase of the project. 

    Teacher Coaches advocate in the area of teacher functions. OKCPS utilizes 'Train the Trainer' model, where Teacher Coaches will receive classroom training on the Campus Instructional tools and then ensure all teachers in their buildings are trained.

    Teacher Coaches support teachers with Campus issues and escalate issues that cannot be resolved at the building level by reporting them to their site's School Coach(s) in the office.

Steps to Verify and Correct Household Information


    1. Login to Infinite Campus (see link above; utilize your District SSO that you use to login to your computer at work) 

    2. Run your Census Verification Report Once You are Logged In to Infinite Campus: First change the drop-down to show your School > Select Census > Click Reports > Click Census Verification (You can save this as a pdf; please do not waste your paper by printing this out.) 

    3. After running your Census Verification Report in Infinite Campus; open the student household in Infinite Campus and compare the results with TERMS and/or the enrollment cards.
      • If the household is already corrected in TERMS, nothing further is needed with that household.
      • If something is incorrect, then please fix in TERMS, so the information will upload correctly into Infinite Campus during the next trial upload.
      • After the next trial upload in Infinite Campus, you will run your verification report again and compare with information in TERMS to verify any corrections you made transferred to Infinite Campus correctly and will notify OKCPS-IT with any discrepancies.