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    Jr. Achievement

    • Companies hold lessons on money & economics

    Southern Hills Baptist Church

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Jr. Achievement Volunteers Story

  • Let’s Build the Perfect City!

          “We can help you do it!” exclaimed the third graders of Southern Hills Elementary School.  After a day of hands-on learning from Junior Achievement Volunteers, students came to know the key factors that contribute to the economic development of a city. 

         The students were able to describe a city as a place where people live, work, play, and go to school.  Today, they learned about the importance of a city planner and the different zones used in planning a city.  Students worked together designing their own city by deciding on the location and type of buildings that should be built.

         They went on to examined the role of a builder and became aware of how that job is interconnected with the job of the city planner.  Each was given a blueprint to practice measuring different features of a house according to the scale provided in the key.  Everyone agreed to measure carefully to make certain their building would be of quality construction.

          Later, students worked in groups to make decisions about operating a restaurant including selecting the best location, the type of food they’ll serve, what to charge for meals, and how to promote their restaurant.  Through discussions, they were able to identify the difference between consumers and producers.

         The culminating activity was perhaps the most popular when students wrote a check, balanced their checkbook and role played a financial transaction with the bank.  It was another great hands-on experience that certainly helps kids to understand how the real world works.

         Junior Achievement Volunteers worked with students throughout our school this day bringing the real-world to life for students and preparing them for the economics of life.  It is a time-honored program that has been teaching students in K-12 about entrepreneurship, workforce readiness, and financial literacy with the help of business professionals since 1919.  They are always welcome at Southern Hills Elementary and my third grade classroom!