Academic Programs

  • Adrian Talamantes getting ready for a Botball Tournament     Photo of a Botball Tournament

    Bot Ball


    4th through 6th garden club  

    Garden Club

    The Garden Club students are ambassadors  to their classroom,  sharing their experience and knowledge with classmates. This spring all gardening students will have a journal for narrative or drawings of their observations.  A third grade classroom planted seeds in the classroom for transplanting into the garden. The Grades 4-6 Garden Club will undertake an experimental planting method with C Mays. 


    Multicultural Club Photo           2nd Multicultural Club Photo  

    Multicultural Club

    Multicultural Club is an opportunity for students to learn about different countries and people from around the world. Each Friday afternoon we learn about a different county and their culture, traditions, and customs. We make flags to represent each country and we often get to sample food and snacks from the country as well. We also like to create art projects and play games as we learn about a new culture. Multicultural club is a fun and inclusive way to learn about the people of the world!



    Cross Country