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    Oklahoma City Public Schools is using Canvas, a modern and innovative learning management system to support traditional, blended, and virtual learning! 


    What is Canvas?
    Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments, and resources for students in a safe online environment.

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    Oklahoma City Public Schools hopes this resource will provide you with specific information about your student’s curricula, so you have a better understanding of the work teachers and students are doing.


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  • OKCPS Families & Staff,

    As the number of COVID-19 cases has steadily risen over the last several weeks, we reached a significant turning point for Oklahoma County. The increase in positive cases for Oklahoma County has moved us into the OSDE’s Red Alert Level. Our district and local health professionals are now advising that we review our instructional setting for our students and work environments for our employees. As previously stated, OKCPS committed to making instructional changes for our district upon reaching the OSDE Red Alert Level or if we saw a significant shift in some of our other data points. Although our health officials have continuously supported our Return to Campus plan, they now recommend that we transition to Red Alert Level protocols. 

    Data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) indicates that the cases per 100,000 for Oklahoma County are 67.3 for this week, as compared to 30.4 last week. Based on this information and advice from public health officials, OKCPS will be moving back to full-time Remote Learning starting Monday, November 16th, and we will remain in the Remote Learning setting through the end of our first semester, which concludes on December 18, 2020.



    What does this mean for OKCPS students and families

    Students participating in our traditional Remote Learning program will transition back to their previous Remote Learning schedule.

    ELEMENTARY (Pre-K through 4th Grades):

    • Mondays will be a combination of synchronous instruction and asynchronous learning. Elementary students will log in (via Google Meet) on Monday at the time assigned by the student’s teacher.
    • Tuesday through Friday will be full-time remote synchronous (live) learning with a teacher. This will include a combination of whole group, small group, and individualized asynchronous learning opportunities.
    • Teachers will provide students their specific daily schedules through Canvas for remote learning for the week.



    PK- 4th Grade  

    SECONDARY (5th -12th Grades)

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be synchronous (live) remote learning with a teacher.
    • Wednesdays will consist of asynchronous remote learning where students will work on assignment independently, along with teacher directed interventions (synchronously) for students who may need extra support.


    5th - 12th  

    • Students participating in our e3 Online Learning program will continue with their self-paced learning and check-ins with OKCPS mentor teachers. It's important to note that students who have opted into e3 Online Learning will remain in that program through the end of this semester. 
    • OKCPS has made a decision to suspend our in-person learning for Special Education self-contained and ED classes until further notice. These families should watch for additional communication from Erin Trussell, our Director of Special Education. If questions, please contact 405-587-0447 or email specialeducation@okcps.org.
    • OKCPS will allow for the completion of Fall outdoor athletic events. However, Winter athletics competitions and practices are postponed immediately and until further notice.
    • All 90-minute Co-Curricular activities are cancelled until further notice.
    • Visitation to any OKCPS building will be by appointment only for students, families and visitors. Please reach out to your child’s school via phone or email to make arrangements.
    • OKCPS Meal Service will continue as a drive-thru option only at all school sites from 10:30am - 12:30pm daily: www.okcps.org/meals 

Contact / Support



    (405) 587-STUDY (8839)
    OKCPS Academic Support



    (405) 587-HELP (4357)
    OKCPS Technical Support



    (405) 587-FEEL (3335)
    OKCPS Emotional Support
    and Crisis Intervention



    Employee Assistance Program 
    OKCPS Emotional support, legal and financial guidance and more
    Visit the OKCPS EAP page to learn more



    2-1-1 HeartLine
    OKC Community Resources
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week



    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    800-273-TALK (8255) 
    for 24/7 support