Bond Oversight & Planning Committee (BOPC) Roles & Responsibilities

  • Co-Chairs: 

    • Sean McDaniel, OKCPS Superintendent
    • Paula Lewis, Chair, OKCPS Board of Education

    Charge: Evaluate and give input on the planning of the OKCPS bond authorization, ultimately making a recommendation to Superintendent McDaniel & Board of Education.  Provide ongoing oversight of the District use of bond funds and the progress of projects.

    Topics of discussion:

    • Facility Data & Demographics
    • MA+ & OKCPS Recommendations
    • Third Party Polling 
    • Districtwide Master Plan
    • Evaluation of Transformational Learning bond projects
    • Community Engagement

Bond Oversight & Planning Committee Members

  • Board Member or Appointment:

    Paula Lewis
    Carole Thompson
    Ayana Lawson
    Mark Mann
    Shawntay Alexander
    Arturo Delgado
    Sam Grimaldo

    Community Member Appointments:

    Brent Hensley
    Miriam Campos
    Derrick Scobey
    Ellen Pogemiller
    JD Baker
    Amy Curran
    Ken Lawson
    Elizabeth Risch
    Brent Bryant
    Stephanie Burghart
    Maggie Green
    Ruth Sanchez
    Torie Pennington
    David Gray
    Mary Melon

    District Administration:

    Sean McDaniel
    Scott Randall
    Shannon Meeks
    Melissa Brett
    Scott Farley
    Jason Brown
    Star Yellowfish

    Advisory Members:

    Jessica Sherrill
    Leon Hill
    Deborah Deck-Suarez
    Garry Jewell
    Drew Dugan
    Heath Tate
    Rob Schwarz
    Courtney Scott
    Deisy Escalera
    Eric Hileman
    Chris Gander

    Support Team:

    Dana Creger
    Doug Braxton
    Steve Brian
    Ben Steffer
    Craig Cates