Staff Welfare Notification Process

  • Below are the changes to our current Staff Welfare notification process as of January 3, 2022: 

    1. Staff Welfare email notification to be sent to all district staff only when an active employee passes away. 
      1. As they are assisting with other paperwork, our Benefits Team will get permission from the designated family member to share information about the employee’s passing and/or services with all district staff.
      2. If/when they have permission, the Benefits Team will then fill out the online form, which will come to the Communications Team. 
      3. Communications will then send “Staff Welfare” email to all employees and HR Benefits will mail a condolence card to the family on behalf of the district.
      4. To facilitate this shift, the current “Staff Welfare” online form will be removed from our Staff Tools page and will only be made available to the Benefits Team.
      5. This process does not apply to contractors, guest teachers, etc.
    2. School site leaders have templates to support site-level communication, if appropriate, in the event of the death of a current staff member’s spouse, child, parent or sibling. 
    3. “Tributes to #TeamOKCPS” group on OKCPS Workplace where employees can opt into to share/receive information related to special circumstances/needs/requests on behalf of current/past staff members or their families. You can join the group here: