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    Southeast High School Commencement
    May 19, 2021 at 6:00pm
    Location: Jim Norick Arena (Fairgrounds)
    3001 General Pershing, OKC, OK 73147
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    Senior Sponsor
    Nayibe Hoffman





    OKCPS is moving forward with our plan to host in-person graduation ceremonies for our class of 2021. Seniors will each be given a designated number of tickets (based on venue, capacity and class size) for family or friends to attend their ceremony. Unfortunately, because we want to host these graduations in-person and do so as safely as possible, seating will be limited and ceremonies WILL NOT be open to the general public. A ticket will be required to attend. All attendees, graduates, and district staff will be required to wear a mask (covering both the mouth and nose) at all times while inside the graduation venue. Our health and safety guidelines are in place to protect our graduates, families, and staff and we ask everyone to follow the outlined / posted protocols to keep everyone safe.

    Additionally, OKCPS will offer a livestream of each ceremony which can be watched in real-time for those who are unable to attend in-person. Details regarding the livestreams will be shared ahead of each event.