Ms. Cory

  • Piano classes are mixed with piano majors, students in other majors, students who have never learned an instrument, and students who have had private lessons. Each class learns assignments together in Improvisation, Technique, Reading, Theory, Harmonization, and Repertoire. A student's commitment to follow instructions, practice effectively, and prepare for quizzes and exams help the piano faculty evaluate what class to place the student in the following year.

    In addition to weekly quizzes and end-of-quarter exams, students prepare for end-of-semester recitals (first year students perform in the second semester only). Students may also audition to perform in special performances (Penn Square Mall Holiday Concert Series, All City Piano, and Best of the Best (BoB) Piano Showcase).

    Piano majors are encouraged to have a private piano teacher, and are expected to audition for special performances (Penn Square, All City, and BoB). At the end of senior year, piano majors will collaborate for a Senior Recital. Each senior performs one piece from the four musical eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century). Piano majors also have a curriculum to follow during their time at Classen SAS. These courses include:

    • Piano class every year
    • Ensemble (band, orchestra, choir, or guitar)
    • Music Theory
    • AP Music Theory
    • Accompanying
    • Piano Pedagogy
  • OKCPS Piano Department Chair
    Classen SAS Piano Department Chair