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    OKCPS Families, 

    We are excited to announce that pre-k and new to OKCPS kindergarten pre-enrollment is opening next week!

    Families of Pre-K and new to OKCPS Kindergarten students can pick up a pre-enrollment packet on May 6th & 7th by visiting their assigned neighborhood school (which is also a meal-up site location) OR families can complete the pre-enrollment form online. Packets may be picked up between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. If you are unsure of your assigned school, use our school locator tool on the right.

    This process is only pre-enrollment for our pre-K and kindergarten programs. Families will be asked to provide the documentation needed for full enrollment at a later date, but prior to school starting in August.

    Contact our early childhood department at 587-0116 if you have questions. 



    WHO: Children who are four (4) on or before September 1, 2020 may enroll in the Pre-kindergarten Program. Tuition is free for the 4 year-old program. Children who will be five (5) by September 1, 2020 and did not attend an OKCPS school may also enroll for Kindergarten during the Roundup.

    MUST BRING: Birth Certificate, Immunization records, proof of address, telephone number, emergency and work telephone numbers.

    IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS: Immunization records must clearly indicate which immunizations the child has been given, dates administered, and signatures or stamp of physician or agency giving immunization. The following immunizations are required:


    • Four (4) DTap
    • Three (3) Polio
    • One (1) MMR
    • Three (3) Hep B
    • Two (2) Hep A
    • One (1) Varicella (or proof of chickenpox)


    • Five(5) DTaP
    • Four (4) Polio
    • Two (2) MMR
    • Three (3) Hep B
    • Two (2) Hep A
    • Two (2) Varicella (or proof of chickenpox)

    Since Pre-Kindergarten has a strict maximum of 20 students per class and Pre-K is not required by the state of Oklahoma, your assigned school may not have space to enroll a new Pre-K student.  If you have questions, please contact our Early Childhood Education Department at (405) 587-0364.  


    Other Helpful Numbers:

    587-0049 Enrollment Questions

    58-STUDY  (587-8839) Help with Curriculum

    587-FEEL  (587-3335) Mental Health Support

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