Transfer Information


    All students wishing to transfer to an OKCPS school other than their assigned schools are required to submit a complete, timely transfer application through the Office of Student Services. Students should not rely on previous years’ transfers and assume their transfers are still valid.

    All transfers granted for the 2019-2020 school year will be honored thereafter until the student matriculates past the school site’s grade band, violates the Student Transfer Contract, or the student is no longer in “good standing” and the transfer is properly revoked.

    Regulation F-04-R2 Student Transfer Process

    Transfer Requests Accepted: March 5 - April 12
    Parent Notification by May 20

    **All new students seeking a transfer AND those seeking to continue on a transfer will need to complete a new transfer request for 2019-2020.

    Online Transfer Request

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Application Schools

  • These require families to complete an application for students to be considered for acceptance before transferring.

    Applications Accepted: March 5 - April 15
    Parent Notification by May 20

    Please see the websites for these schools for application and additional information.


    Policy F-04 Student Assignments and Transfers 

    All students who live in the district have schools assigned to their addresses. For the 2019-2020 school year, in addition to new school boundaries, grade band identifications and school feeder patterns, and school closings and reconfigurations, the district offers the opportunity to seek transfer to another school in the district or an application school.  


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