• Attendance Advocacy and Bullying Prevention


    TIPS Hotline/Safe Schools -   

    Immediate/Life Threatening Safety Concerns should be addressed by calling 911.

    General safety concerns should be addressed by submitting a TIPS Report.  The report is sent to appropriate school personnel and it generates an investigation into your specific safety concern.  


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    TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is a reporting system available 24/7 for students and parents to make appropriate OKCPS officials aware of concerns and potential threats to the safety of our students and staff. Such concerns and threats could include:

    • parent complaints
    • weapons possession
    • drug/alcohol use
    • bullying/harassment
    • school vandalism
    • physical assault
    • threats of violence
    • suicide risk
    • abuse or neglect
    • suspension appeal


    Truancy -

    Parents are responsible for ensuring their students attend school each day and would like to stress the importance of students being at school each day possible.  Research shows missing as little as two days per month can set a student back more than half of a year's progress.  Truancy Specialists work as a liaison between our schools and the Oklahoma City Police Department as they are responsible for issuing tickets to both students and parents who violate compulsory education laws.  Truancy Specialists may assist students and parents with the Attendance Improvement Plan (AIP), including linking families with internal and external resources.  Truancy Specialists also attend court weekly and will advocate for students and parents.  

    If you have any questions about the compulsory education laws or how attendance may affect drivers licenses or learner's permits, please contact one of the Truancy Specialists at the link above.