What are the Benefits of Instructional Coaching?

  • “Instructional Coaches are a necessary part of a successful onboarding and mentoring program to support teachers. Having Instructional Coaches at school level help to insure teachers have access to and training on important district mandated strategies as well as research-based instruction to insure all students have learning opportunities using engaging and impactful lessons that lead to careers and college. Our Instructional Coach is visible, accessible and supportive. She provides group professional development and one on one coaching sessions via face to face, email and phone. Many schools lose teachers within in 1-3 years because they do not have the one on one support and feedback that an Instructional Coach can provide. In the ever increasing exodus of teachers from Oklahoma, effective Instructional Coaches can make the difference in retaining teachers within a school”

    Carrie Snyder-Renfro


    Oklahoma Centennial High School