Expense Reimbursement Request

    Within TEN (10) DAYS from returning from the event, the Traveler MUST complete the Expense Reimbursement Form (Mileage Claim, if only mileage is claimed).  Forms and receipts must be routed for approval signatures and forwarded to Accounts Payable.


    Purchase Order – Goods Receipt

    PR Requestor must “Goods Receipt” (i.e. GR) in SAP all line items on each awarded PO for payment to generate.


    Purchase Order – Invoice Receipt

    Once the form and receipts are received in Accounts Payable, it will be entered into SAP as an invoice and will be processed for payment after Encumbrance Report approval at the next OKCPS Board meeting.


    NOTE: Goods Receipt and Invoice Receipt must balance in order for the Purchase Order to close and the travel event to be considered finalized.