Once POs are awarded, the travel event arrangements can be made.  Each department should determine who is responsible for the Traveler’s conference registration.  When travel is arranged by the Traveler, he/she will be responsible for arranging airline flights and hotel accommodations, if not included in conference registration.  When travel is arranged by Travel Agent, the agent will be responsible for arranging the airline flights and hotel accommodations and will provide the travel information to the Traveler and the Buyer. 




    24 hours is Key!   Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hour advance notice.  If the Traveler is unable to travel for any reason, he/she must contact their immediate supervisor, Purchasing Division, Travel Agent, and any other respective partner in the arrangement of travel {e.g. Hotel, Airline, Conference, etc.}.  Each of the vendor's arrangements will need to be cancelled and POs deleted.


    Travel Event Takes Place

    State Tax Exemption

    Florida, Kansas and Texas have granted OKCPS tax exemption from Hotel State Sales Tax. For each state listed below, print a copy of the Tax Exemption for that state and the Oklahoma Tax Exemption letter and present them to the hotel at check in.


    NOTE:  Individual hotel managers have the discretion to honour Tax Exemption or not. Make sure to have the tax exemption approved at time arrangements are made.


    Travel Details

    Travel time for flight arrangements begins when the Traveler enters the plane and ends when he/she exits the plane in Oklahoma City, OK.  This is the only time period for which reimbursement is eligible.  Per Diem reimbursement is calculated by the number of days the Traveler is travelling.  Remember, the travel days to and from conferences are counted as half days.  Mileage reimbursement begins at the Central Office location, not from the Traveler’s home address.  See document Things to Know about Traveling for do’s and don’ts of travelling.


    Retain Documentation

    During the travel event, the Traveler must track mileage, log travel time, and collect required documentation necessary for filing the reimbursement claim {e.g. receipts, boarding passes, taxi, toll fees, parking fees, proof of conference attendance, etc.}.