Purchase Requisition (PR)

    Each element of the travel event requires a separate line item on the PR {e.g. conference fees, per diem (travel days to and from conferences are counted as half days), Enterprise (required vendor) car rental, mileage, incidentals, flights and hotel.}  The PR will be released in SAP according to its strategy {e.g. Principal, ILD, Federal Fund Approvers, etc.}. 


    Each Line Item Description must state the travel dates and the conference name and the Line Item Text Block must include the conference location and Traveler names and titles; adequately describing the who, what, where and when details of the travel event. Budget must be available before PR is keyed. Place the PR on hold (keying 'U' in the Acct Assignment Cat. in SAP) until the next step is complete. 



    The traveller will complete a Professional Development Travel Request Form, with an attached copy of the Conference Agenda.  This form requires quotes, expected costs, funding, and approval signatures:


    Funding Approval Signatures:

    • Title I and II – Terry Gill
    • Title III - Chris Berry
    • IDEA and State PD – Traci Skinner


    Required Authority Approval Signatures:

    • All Professional Development – Chief Human Resources Officer
    • Metro Area (In-District) -  Supervisor
    • In-State (Out of District) - Supervisor and Director/Cabinet
    • Out of State - Supervisor, Director/Cabinet & Superintendent
    • Out of Country - (Students, Overnight Stay) - Superintendent


    Once the Professional Development and Travel Request Form is approved, the PR Requestor must attach the Conference Agenda and completed Professional Development and Travel Request Form to the PR (click here for instructions) and update the Acct Assignment Cat. in SAP to 'K' before requesting a release of the PR. The Professional Development Travel Request Form and Conference Agenda are required BEFORE the PR will be converted to a PO.  


    Purchase Requisition (PR) Conversion to Purchase Order (PO)

    Once POs are awarded, the Purchasing Department Buyer will forward all POs to vendors {e.g. traveller, hotel, Enterprise Car Rental, Travel Agent Services Vendor, etc.}.  The PR Requestor will check SAP to verify if the POs have been awarded.