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  • Parent Visiting Teacher

    Going beyond Fundraisers
    and Parent-Teacher Conference

    Are You Creating a Welcoming Environment?

    Click here to use the Four Versions of Partnership rubric*
    to assess your school’s engagement. 

    Instructions on How To Use the Rubric:
    Look at the bulleted descriptions under each heading and circle the ones that best describe your school. Check the boxes that have the most statements under them circled. Check one box in each row.

    • If three or more of your checked boxes fall in the Fortress School section and none under Open-Door or Partnership, your school is trying to keep parents away rather than work with them. In standards-based terms, it is below basic.
    • If three or more of your checked boxes fall under Come-if-We-Call and none under Partnership, your school may want parents to be involved only on its terms. In standard-based terms, it is at the basic level.
    • If at least four of your checked boxes fall under Open-Door or Partnership and none are under Fortress School, your school welcomes families and supports them to be involved in a number of ways. In standard-based terms, it is proficient.
    • If at least three of your checked boxes are under Partnership and the rest are under Open-Door, your school is willing and able to work with all families. In standard-based terms, it is advanced.

    Once you have completed the rubric and have a baseline for your school focus on the areas that need improvements and organize your efforts and initiatives around those areas.

    Building Relationships

    • Provide opportunities for parents to voice their concerns (PTA, parent groups)
    • Get to know parents’ preference in how they receive communication
    • Avoid making cultural assumptions and stereotypes (provide cultural training)- refer to PIA to post request for speakers/presentations around family engagement

    Recruiting Parent Volunteers in 3 Easy Steps:

    1. Ask!!
    2. Get with teachers, administrators, and other school personnel to get a detailed list on various ways parent can volunteer in the school
    3. Have a sign up/interest sheet where parents can put their contact information, dates and times of availability, and their primary choices in the type of volunteer duties they would like.

    *from Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family-School Partnership


  • For help in creating a team,
    conducting parent surveys,
    or interviews, contact the
    Community Relations Office:

    Family Engagement Specialist