Start a School PTA

  • Step 1
    Recruit interested parents, community members, and school staff and teachers


    Step 2
    Officially start the process by contacting Oklahoma State PTA office. The Oklahoma State PTA office will set up an initial meeting and explain the process for chartering and the benefits of joining the PTA family. The state PTA and OKC PTA Council can assist with:

    • Creating bylaws that meet state and federal requirements
    • Identify and elect officers
    • Recruitment of ideas and campaigns
    • Applying for EIN (Employer Identification Number)

                    Oklahoma PTA

                    2801 N Lincoln Blvd, Ste 214

                    Oklahoma City, OK 73105

                    Phone: 405-681-0750

                    Contact OKPTA


    Step 3

    After initial meeting and Officers are selected, PTA Officers and members can access additional training on running an effective PTA through the National and State PTA website, and by contacting the OKC PTA Council Board Officers.


    Step 4

    Set goals and adopt Plans of Work