Uniform Policy

  •  Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School

    Specific Uniform Requirements

    Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (BIEMS) adheres to the Oklahoma City Public School uniform policy. Belle Isle Enterprise additional & specific uniform requirements follow:

    Students enrolling in BIEMS for the first time are granted a grace period up to 10 school days before being required to comply with the uniform policy.



    Natural hair colors only.



    Khaki, Navy blue (but not denim).

    Solid colored leggings of white, black, or navy may be worn under skirts, skorts, or dresses.



    Selected from polo style or Oxford cloth white, navy, light blue, or maroon.

    Long or short-sleeved with collars.

    Free of visible logos, labels, words, or pictures larger than the student’s fist.



    Socks and closed toe shoes are required at all times on school property and school buses. Boots are not permitted.

    Flip-flops, beach or pool shoes, slippers and house shoes are not acceptable for school.



    Sweatshirts, sweaters, or vests, with or without hoods, light blue, maroon, navy, or white solid colors, or mottled navy or maroon.

    Free of visible logos, labels, words, or pictures larger than the student’s fist.


    During School and on Scheduled Out of Uniform Days/School Sponsored Activities:

    Clothing worn shall not be torn, cut-up, or slit and must be appropriately sized for the student.

    Students shall not wear bedtime attire, such as pajamas, and shall not wear undershirts, undergarments, or exercise clothing as outerwear.

    Students shall not wear clothing that exposes a bare midriff, bodice, abdomen, or buttocks, or reveals undergarments.

    Students shall not wear any clothing (including outerwear), jewelry, accessories, or display tattoos that contain messages or images that are obscene, vulgar, or related to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, sex, and/or violence.

    Shoulder straps of at least three student fingers wide.