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OKCPS to Recommend School Consolidation Plan

(Oklahoma City) March 20, 2017 - Tonight, Oklahoma City Public School Superintendent Aurora Lora will offer a consolidation plan for the Board of Education to review. The plan recommends consolidation of 5 schools, as well as the transition of Northeast Academy into a neighborhood middle school serving the Douglass feeder pattern. The 5 schools to be considered for consolidation are:

  • Edgemere Elementary
  • FD Moon Academy
  • Gatewood Elementary
  • Green Pastures Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary


“Due to continued budget challenges and low enrollment, I am recommending the consolidation of these schools,” said Superintendent Aurora Lora. “We have looked at schools with enrollment of 300 or fewer students and the financial impact of keeping those schools open. We estimate nearly $250,000 in savings for each school closing, via reduced utility, staff, administrative, and custodial costs.Consolidating some of our smaller schools will also provide additional educational resources for the students who end up in larger schools, including additional support staff, access to more fine arts and athletic programs, and improved opportunities for teachers to collaborate.”


OKCPS was forced to identify $30 million dollars worth of cuts last Spring, and we expect an additional $4 to 10-million in revenue failure for 2017-2018. Although change is difficult, OKCPS is confident these school consolidations will allow our students to have access to additional educational resources and will create permanent cost-savings for the district, which is a necessity during these tough budget times.


OKCPS will hold several information meetings to explain the plan and gather input from the public before the Board of Education votes in early April. Information regarding the consolidation plan and informational meetings can be found on our website.